A truly remarkable healing combination EFFECT which is 10,000 times that is stronger than chemotherapy

Why is it we never heard about this miracle cure before? Why is it we never tried it either? This is because there are organizations out there that do have an interest, something which, they don’t want common people to know about. There are indeed miraculous healing properties that do go along with the combination of lemon and baking soda (otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate.) Therefore, from this moment on, please do spread the word out about this totally amazing cure to people who do need it most!

A lot of people do end up dying while this secret is jealously kept silent in order not to upset the interests of the big corporations out there

Lemons do contain a very strong anti-carcinogenic properties that have already been proven to work. Besides this, they also do have other useful features, which are truly wonderful. For instance, they can have a very strong effect over cysts and tumors, which is one of the many health benefits they do have. This fruit can indeed cure cancer. It is a fruit that has been tested on various types of cancer. What also does enhance the healing effect all the more is if, baking soda is added to the lemon, and it will assist in raising up the PH balance in the body to a much higher value that is outstanding.


Another healing feature about lemons is this. They do contain a very strong kind of anti-microbial effect with a very wide range. What is this very wide range? This very wide range is all about providing very pronounced activity up against any fungal and bacterial infections. Lemons are also very highly effective against any worms and internal parasites as well. It can also be used as a very powerful anti-depressant, does help to regulate blood sugar, lessen stress, and to relieve one’s nerves.

The very interesting fact about this amazing information is that it does come from one of the biggest of all makers of medications, which did openly reveal that after 20 laboratory tests, which were conducted from 1970 until the present. Lemons do indeed destroy any existing carcinogenic cells that do live in 12 different varieties of cancer. It also does very strongly aid in preventing the spread of these carcinogenic cells. It also does have 10,000 times more of a much stronger effect than medications such as chemotherapy, any anti-cancer drugs, and also narcotic products.

What is even far more interesting about this fact is this. This treatment with lemon and baking soda only demolishes the carcinogenic cells and does not even affect or interfere with any normal cells.

The preparation for this lemon and baking soda wonder cure is as follows. The formula for it is very simple. You mix 2 dL (which is 6.8 ounces) of pure lemon juice with one teaspoon of baking soda. Add both of them into a cup. It is optional for the mixture to be diluted with distilled water. After diluting the mixture, the miraculous drink is now ready to consume. Drink the mixture down in the morning time and on an empty stomach. Don’t take it with any breakfast food. The best effect for this drink is drinking it by itself. If an individual does want a much bigger effect, he or she should use organic lemon, instead of any other lemon substance. This is because organic lemon is 100 times more potent and efficient than any lemons that are grown with artificial fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals.

Another interesting fact to add, to this information is this, and that is that this very natural remedy doesn’t contain any harsh or harmful side effects as does that of chemotherapy.

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