Be ready to be horrified to see Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife in new unedited photos! 😱🤐Shiver showed up after multiple plastic surgeries and caused a furor with her drastic transformation! 🤯🫣 See what she looks like now in this article! 👇👇👇

Paparazzi have recently caught Maria Shiver, legendary Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife in the streets of Santa Monica. Camera lenses have recently captured the woman who has irreversibly spoilt her appearance. The former beauty was hard to recognize.

To say that she has transformed herself beyond recognition is actually nothing to say. In pursuit of eternal youth, she has undergone noticeable changes which, unluckily, not only failed to give her more charm, but also took her beauty.

«You won’t see anything more terrifying than this today!», «What a crime it was to spoil such beauty!», «When plastic surgeons went too far!», «How can we unsee this?», «Arnold would be horrified to see her now!».

It should be mentioned that Maria and Arnold were married for 25 years. The divorce process took nearly 10 years and it was not until last year that they got officially divorced.

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