The fans’ hearts broke into pieces when Willis’s daughter shared the latest photos of the Hollywood actor! 💔😭 You might remember this actor from «Die Hard», but be ready to see him now! 😳🤐 The film star has already forgotten most of his relatives! 🙏 See more in this article! 👇

Lately, the worsening condition of B. Willis has been the center of attention. For those who are still unaware, the action movie actor, best-remembered for his iconic portrayal in «Die Hard», has been diagnosed with aphasia which has already taken its toll on the film star.

Willis’s concerned family often shares details about the notable and towering actor’s condition which, at this point, leaves a lot to be desired. Sadly enough, he ceased to remember many of his relatives and friends as well as sometimes forgets his own wife and daughters.

His current wife, Emma Heming, regretfully admits that the disease is progressing at an unsustainable rate. The daughters of the cinema legend are extremely worried about the actor’s health state too and share heartbreaking family footage.

One of his heiresses has even admitted that it was probably the last Christmas that her father remembered her which literally broke everyone’s hearts.

«Your name is always in my prayers!», «Never lose your hope!», «My heart has just cracked!», «We believe in magic. Everything is going to be fine soon».

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