According to the latest research, coffee is good for the liver.

Researchers have confirmed that people who drink large amounts of coffee can reduce the level of non-performing liver enzymes, and decaf coffee can also give you the same effect.

Dr. Xiao Qian from Maryland, the study author, explained that scientists have already found that coffee affects liver positively, but they did not know that decaf coffee can provide the same effect.

When Xiao and his team tested the effect of decaf coffee, they used the previous data and reviewed a research conducted 20 years ago. This research involved 27,800 people.

The research was actually an insight into the overall health of Americans who did medical testings and interviews.

Scientists found that individuals who had 3 or more cups of coffee per day had less non-performing liverenzymes than those who did not drink coffee.

Enjoy your favorite drink and protect your liver!

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