They decided to visit the house of their grandparents, who had not lived for years. While wandering through the property, they discovered an old and abandoned warehouse. They tried to open the door, but it was locked.

After picking the lock, the two brothers made a surprising discovery. Hundreds of boxes were arranged in sequence on the shelves of the stores.


When they opened a chest, they were amazed. Boxes full of shoes were in perfect condition. There were many shoe models and sizes, they all looked very good.
As they became more interested in it, they discovered that their grandfathers had a shoe factory many years ago.


“We looked at our grandparents’ belongings, we haven’t been there since we were kids. Behind the house was an abandoned warehouse. After the lock was picked, I saw the shelves full of boxes of all shapes and sizes.” First I thought the boxes were empty but when I opened the box I saw a pair of nice ladies shoes in perfect condition. It was amazing! After that for many years we could find hundreds of pairs of shoes. It seems our grandparents knew how to make shoes.”

The parent company was well known locally at the time.
The two brothers have not yet decided what to do with the shoes, but when their story came out, several people expressed interest in buying the shoes.








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