There are numerous of over-the-counter medications that one can turn to in order to alleviate persistent coughing, but there are two homemade remedies that have been the talk of the town throughout history due to their potency in resolving cough matters in one day–100% naturally.

For those of you who were not aware, onions are oftenrecommendedtotreat respiratory conditions such as colds and cough matters. The sulfur and flavonoids compounds that onions contain make them beneficial for cholesterol levels, arthritis, diabetes, heart, and they can even be utilized as an antioxidant. When onion is taken raw, it can be a great expectorant.

Effective Natural Remedy #1
Ingredients Needed:
3 Liters of Water
1 lb. of Onions
Remove the moustache and skin of your onions. After you conduct this action, it is time to cut them into four pieces, let them sit in a pot that contains lukewarm water, and let them boil. In order to allow everything to strain and cool, make sure to boil the water down by half.
In order to aid your constant cough, it is recommended that you intake one and a half cups of this remedy twice a day. You can sweeten it by integrating lemon juice and honey.


Effective Natural Remedy #2
14 Walnuts
2 Medium Sized Onions
2 Medium Organic Apples
Remove the moustache and skin of your onions, and wash them well with lukewarm water. After you conduct this action, it is time to cut them into quarters, break the walnuts up, and then cut apples into quarters, as well. Place all ingredients to boil in a pot that contains three liters of water. Boil till you see that the water is reduced by half.
Drink a cup of this solution at least three times a day. If you’d like, you can sweeten it with honey and lemon.

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