Well, it seems our favorite pachyderm just broke the web!

You may have seen this image of a big gray guy holding a humble log in his trunk, but did you know that lurking in the shadow of this mastodon is an unsuspected creature in this unassuming farm?

Only a handful of enlightened ones, yes, you heard me right, barely 1% of observers managed to spot the rascal in less than the snap of a finger… or to be precise, in less than 11 seconds.

Question of the day: Are you part of that 1%?

Embark on this elusive visual riddle hunt, try to spot the surprise guest in this amusing tangle of optical illusion.

Who knows? If mind-bending optical illusions are your thing, and you’ve always had a soft spot for annoying puzzles, this one might just keep you awake!

An optical illusion is a bit like a joke played by your brain on your sense of sight.

An object, a graph, a person that changes and blurs our perception of things.

There are plenty: physical, physiological, and cognitive, to name just a few.

And you know what? These sleights of hand are even used in psychoanalysis to assess your IQ. Nothing less than that!

So, can you spot our camouflaged feline in the image, in addition to our big pachyderm, in less than 11 seconds?

Look closely at the image above. It’s much more than a simple photo.

It’s a challenge, a face-off with the invisible, because somewhere in this image, an animal is hiding.

In this captivating visual challenge, we see our old elephant friend, a log in his trunk, and behind him, a bucolic barn.

So, no need to get down if you didn’t manage to unmask the little critter right away.

Hold onto the rope and keep having fun with optical illusions!

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