Rare photos of little Megan Fox from the archive 🧐😳

There is no denying that M. Fox is one of the most desirable, successful and in-demand actresses towards whose allure and beauty no single one can stay indifferent. She firmly folds the title of one of the main hotties in the industry.

However, few have seen Fox as a teenager. Here are exclusive photos of the star from the personal archive that none of you has seen. We can clearly see that even one of the most attractive women had crooked teeth and an imperfect appearance.

«Femininity that came with age!», «Are you trying to tell me that this is one of the most desirable actresses of today?», «Her appearance has undergone radical changes!», «With a monobrow she looks better than many other stars».

«I will never stop considering her my idol!», «What an ugly duckling she was!», «Are you kidding me?».

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