Keri McCartney and her husband Chad were delighted to learn that they were having a baby.

The woman’s pregnancy went smoothly until the 23rd week, when the mother-to-be fervently went to the new ultrasound to find out if she was going to have a boy or a girl. It wasn’t until she looked at the screen that Keri noticed a strange bulbous formation beneath her fetus.


She began to insistently ask the doctor if there was something wrong with her child. Finally, the doctors brought the young mother surprising news: The baby had a massive tumor that was life-threatening because it was blocking the mother’s blood flow.

The only solution to this annoying condition was surgery without interrupting the pregnancy. Although the survival rate was only 10%, the parents decided to take the risk and accept the procedure.


After a lengthy operation of at least four hours, during which the child was removed and placed back in the abdomen, the tumor was removed.

Keri gave birth within 10 weeks and luckily her daughter was born healthy. His little name was Massey Hope.

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