Antioxidants are widely recognized for being the body’s main defense against free radicals and for controlling their proliferation. Free radicals are to blame for a number of illnesses, especially cancer.

It is understandable why turmeric is regarded as a top spice in India and is used in every cuisine. Turmeric is utilized in many different medical preparations that are very beneficial to your health, in addition to being used in food. Because it contains over 300 antioxidants, this spice is regarded as a medication.

This juice’s recipe calls for turmeric powder, but you may alternatively utilize organic turmeric root. In addition to its various health advantages, this juice relieves pain of any sort and has anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Powdered turmeric, 1 tablespoon
  • Five carrots
  • Two lemons
  • 1 slice of ginger, approximately 5 centimeters
  • One cucumber
  • One orange


Peel the carrots, ginger, orange, and lemons.

Use a blender to blend all the ingredients, or place them in a mixer. You may serve this drink cold if you’d like by adding some ice.

The Health Advantages of This Juice



The drink aids in reducing inflammation associated with arthritis. When diluted, curcumin, the main antioxidant in turmeric, is extremely effective in reducing joint inflammation and stiffness.


The body’s natural defense mechanism against cancer-causing free radicals is the abundance of antioxidants that turmeric contains. Ovarian, colon, prostate, and breast cancer are all prevented by curcumin.

Digestion issues

This drink also treats other conditions like gastritis, bloating, and heartburn. In addition to the juice, you may add turmeric powder as a spice to practically all of your daily meals.

Safeguards the heart and blood vessels

This juice controls blood cholesterol levels, keeps the blood and heart arteries in good condition, and guards against cardiovascular disease.

Eliminates toxins

The juice is also excellent for removing toxins from the body.

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