The very first thing that goes through our minds, whenever we hear the word – aluminum foil, is without any doubt a well wrapped food, which can be kept cold or warm. And no one has ever thought about the idea that it can be a wonderful thing for keeping people healthy or even serve as a medicine for all of us.

The most frequent pains that people talk about, and feel extremely unpleasant are the neck ,the back, the shoulders, the knees, or what is more, the pains in the feet etc…So, the only thing that people should do is nothing but put a peace of the aluminum foil directly in the places where they feel the pain and a miracle will happen. A real magic will happen, after a certain period of time the pain will be gone, as if it had never existed before. Happy – yes, lucky – yes…so just do it…All the nasty pain will disappear.

How does aluminum foil heal?

Just cut a piece of an usual aluminum foil, put it carefully on the aching part of the body and gently cover it with a piece of a bandage. This type of treating the wounded and aching parts of the body, can be used whenever there is a pain felt. Which means the most usual ones such as, ankles, parts of a hand, pains in arms, legs, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis., and a lot of others.

Postsurgical scars ,which can be very evident after different types of operations, can also be healed in this way, and have an excellent effect. Enormous results can be felt in the curing of gout.

Chinese therapy with aluminum foil is recommended all around the world and I s very famous to be practiced in a period of 10-12 days. The instructions are as follows, simply, every day, cover the aching place with a a piece of aluminum foil onto the affected area and fix it with bandage. Leave it on either for a whole night or a whole day. So, right after a period of 10-12 days ,do not hesitate, simply make a pause of 1-2 weeks then repeat the treatment if you feel it is needed.

What is more ,the aluminum foil has an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory effect, which has to be stressed, especially nowadays when people are getting more immune to the antibiotics they take . With the help of it you can also treat common cold. For this use, you should wrap your feet with 5-7 layers of aluminum foil and in between each layer you should put a piece of paper or even a cotton fabric.

The foil has to remain in the wound for about 1 hour, to be sure of its effect, then it has to be replaced by a new one which has to be kept for as twice as the first one, that is 2 hours. If one wants to continue with this extremely efficient cure, the same steps should be repeated once more, that is three times. And finally the same thing should be done for one week. Try it, you will not Keep this overlay on for around 1 hour, then remove it and repeat the procedure again after 2 hours. Make a pause for another 2 hours, then repeat the procedure for a third time. You should practice this treatment for a week.

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