We love cabbage because it is nutritious and low in calories. It has vitamin C, K and potassium, it can also fight inflammation and cancer. But do you know what a compress of cabbage is?

Benefits of Cabbage

An Irish reading says ‘Cabbage leaves are free of worms’.

Cabbage has been used for inflammations and skin bruising for centuries. It has phytonutrients, anthocyanins, vitamins and glutamine, good for inflammation and fighting cancer and joint pain. It is also known to help with arthritis and sports injuries. Many of these patients used cabbage and felt better after it. But how did they use this? As a compress.

Cabbage compress


Organic cabbage, preferably red.
Bandage or gauze
Aluminium foil
Rolling pin/Needle



Peel away an outer leaf of the cabbage and wash well and cut the hard stem. Place the cabbage leaf on the counter and with the rolling pin tear the leaf to expose the juice. Wrap the cabbage in foil and immediately take to the oven for a few minutes to warm them.


Then put cabbage on the affected area and cover with the bandage. Keep cabbage compress for an hour. Do it 3 times a day and use a new cabbage leaf each time. On the second day, you’ll feel better. For a cold compress, refrigerate the cabbage leaves before you begin the procedure.

Why is red cabbage better in these cases?

It has more anthocyanins and eliminates inflammation and better pain. Red and green cabbage are good and healthy for the treatment of ulcers.


Sometimes allergy can occur from cabbage, if itching or swollen legs occur after applying cabbage leaves, remove immediately.

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