Have you ever noticed that you or your spouse have two little dimples on the lower back? So, if you’re one of the lucky ones, consider yourself fortunate.

The two dimples on the lower back are located just above the buttocks. They can’t be created through exercising and are normally side by side. If you aren’t born with them, forget about them. Venus Holes are the most common birthmark in women. Though very rare in men, they are known as Apollo holes when they are present in them.

Venus holes or Apollo holes are positioned where two bones intersect the pelvis. They are an indicator of cardiovascular problems and good circulation. Venus holes have even been said to aid with orgasms. As a result, they may be used as a reference point for surgeons while inserting spinal screws.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any. If you have, don’t attempt to hide or boast about them! You should be quite pleased with them since they are a sign of excellent health.

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