Garlic is quite a versatile ingredient and there are many uses of it, of which 10 arelisted below:


1. Heart and Liver Benefits

Eating one and two cloves a day of garlic can increase the health of your heart and liver and really make you feel a lot better in the physical sense. It boosts immune systems and can alsobe sourced from organic garlic supplements.

2. Coughs and Colds

Garlic can ward off coughs and colds and can keep your health in check. A natural cough syrup involves taking a clove of garlic, mixing it with some honey and water and letting it stand for a while. It tastes nice and can alleviate a lot of the symptoms of coughs and colds.

3. Athlete’s Foot

Fungus does not take too well to garlic. If you crush 2-3 cloves of garlicand add to warm water for a liquid which you bathe your feet in then this can make the condition clear up in no time.

4. Cold Sores

These are an unsightly blemish on the skin but they can be treated very effectively with garlic. Simply halve a piece of garlic and then apply it to the cold sore. It may sting slightly but it will do the trick in reducing the appearance of it.

5. Eradicate acne for good


Acne is another condition which does not react very well to garlic as it has the ability to get rid of acne and make the skin seem much morehealthy and smooth in complexion.

6. Repel Mosquitos

These insects can cause the skin to become blotchy and become all swollen but garlic is again the answer to healing this condition. Simply gently rub the garlic on you skin and the insects will be deterred from approaching you.

7. Natural Pesticide

Garlic is the pivotal ingredient in a natural pesticide. All you need to do is put 2 cloves of garlic in a bowl and cover with warm water whilst leaving it to drain overnight. Then in the morning mix with some soap for aready made natural pesticide.

8. Disinfectant surface cleaner

Combine white vinegar, a few cloves of garlic and some lemon oil for a really nice-smelling surface cleaner.

9. Repair the cracks in glass

This is effective in preventing minor cracks in the future and treating any existing ones. Simply crush a garlic clove and rub against the affected area.

10. De-icer

To complete the full array of its uses, Garlic can even be employed as a de-icer. This can really clear up your pavements and pathways.

Caution: Donot feed garlic to your pets in any circumstance. They may have adverse consequences on your pet’s health.

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