I believe every mom lives the moment of being one! The kind of magic that the kids bring every day is out of this world. That said, no mom loves it when their young ones are in tears, especially when the cause of the tears is splinters.

Removing a splinter from a kid is normally associated with high pitched cries and shrieks. Most of use opt for tweezers, but the experience is usually a painful one. Once mom saw the kind of misery her kids were going through and came up with a pain-free technique of removing the splinter.

Claire Bullen-Jones is the mom behind the invention and many have referred as the “Splinter Ninja Extraordinaire.” After sharing it on Facebook, it didn’t take long for it to go viral. All she needs is the syringe that is usually in the Calpol box.


Once you have taken the syringe out of the box, the next step us to place the small hole over the splinter. Make sure it is touching the skin and then pull. If there are gaps, the method will not work. The little one will be pain-free without and scares or upsets. The scary tweezers are now the thing of the past!

You need to carry out the procedure quickly and avoid doing it slowly. Doing it a couple of times is recommended when dealing with stubborn splinters.  Since the syringe’s plastic is transparent, you can easily see whether you got it out.

Is this a technique you will consider using the next time you have to remove a splinter from your kid’s finger?

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