Itchy and red mosquito bites are not only uncomfortable, but also highly hazardous. Instead of spending a fortune on repellents, there are several easy and natural methods to avoid them.

Take vitamin B1


This vitamin helps our skin distinguish between distinct odors that we cannot sense but which deters mosquitoes.

Garlic ingestion has the same result, but people can smell garlic, which is different. If you don’t mind this, you can defend yourself by eating more garlic. Put on colorful apparel.

Try to stay away from bright and dark colors when you’re outside since they attract mosquitoes. Choose colorful attire that covers the majority of your body. These insects are attracted by potent deodorants, perfumes, and perspiration. So refrain from using anything artificially flavored on your skin.

Use a plant’s natural oil or tincture to repel mosquitoes. These include tea tree, eucalyptus, sage, thyme, basil, calendula, rosemary, valerian, mint, and mint. They are the most effective organic insect repellents.

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