There are chances you might have tried a weight loss diet from the many that exist out there. The big question is, did it work? There is a mind-blowing diet that is based on the blood group type of an individual that is both healthier can safe.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo who happens to be a naturopathic believes that the blood type of an individual may influence the diseases and conditions they are susceptible to. Although there have been no studies that demonstrate that prediction for the onset of particular diseases, it is an appealing theory.

Having said that, if you are interested in the concept of eating in accordance with your blood type, the diet’s fundamental tenet is as follows. According to D’Adamo, not everyone needs to consume the same thing, and a person’s race and blood type will influence what you can or not consume.

According to him, your blood type and the things you eat have chemical reactions. Effective digestion takes place if you eat according to your blood type. Along with having greater energy and preventing certain ailments, one loses weight.

What Should You Consume

Blood Group O:  Vegetables, poultry, fish and lean meat make up the bulk of a high-protein diet for those with type O blood. Do not take a lot of dairy, beans and grains. D’Adamo also suggests a number of supplements to aid with digestive troubles and other problems that such people have.

Blood Type A: These people should take a plant-based diet. A vegetarian diet will highly benefit this group. A plant-based diet might help meat eaters who are currently overweight to lose weight. Dr. D’Adamo advises Type A people to consume their meals as naturally as possible, using fresh, pure and organic foods.

Blood group B: These people possess the genetic potential for high malleability as well as the capacity to flourish in variable environments.  Foods including corn, sesame seeds, tomatoes, lentils, buckwheat, and wheat should be avoided by those with type B blood. Having chicken is also a concern. He advises those who fall into this category to consume lots of green vegetables, low-fat dairy, specific meats and eggs.

Blood type AB: For those having type AB blood, green vegetables, dairy, seafood, and tofu are the ideal foods to prioritize. According to him, individuals with the blood type frequently have low stomach acids. Therefore, it is better to stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and cured or smoked meats.

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