The eyes sometimes speak volumes about our well-being. Even if it’s a bit of a stretch, research shows that how you look may reveal a lot about who you are.

As much as we’ve all heard personality tests like this one, which claims that the door you select discloses secrets regarding your soul, our eyes are an actual physical part of us and may reveal far more.

A team of researchers from Orebro University in Sweden analyzed 428 people to discover whether their personalities were connected to the irises in their eyes. They found that the same genes that build our frontal lobes also impact the color of our eyes; thus, individuals with similar irises exhibit shared behaviors. Edinburgh University’s Dr. Anthony Fallone has also investigated the relationship between eye color and personality. Eyes and brains are so tightly intertwined that you might call them the sole parts of our brain. It seems to carry important information about how our brains work.”

According to new research, if you have brown or dark-colored eyes, you may be a born leader! Even if you don’t see yourself in that light, others may. One of the unique eye hues is a dark brown that appears almost black to the naked eye. It is because of this that they are often seen as enigmatic or secretive.

If you have blue eyes, you may have a lot of inner and physical power. Blue-eyed people are typically seen as docile or apathetic. Children with blue eyes were more likely to be apprehensive about new experiences and less outgoing with their classmates. The color of your eyes might shift over time as well. The color of the eye may fade because the eye does not constantly manufacture pigment. A darker shade of blue, for example, may change to a lighter shade of gray. The Eye Doctor Guide has the answer if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when someone has hazel eyes. For instance, you could have a green ring around your pupil that becomes brown as it gets closer to the iris’s edge.

If you have green eyes, you’re seen as attractive or seductive by most people. Also, those with green eyes are said to be mysterious. Green eyes have a delicate balance of melanin that maintains them friendly and dominating but powerful and wary, like those with brown eyes. Eyes may be seen as a window into the soul, and it’s not hard to understand why with the same eye color, you may be able to discover some things in common.

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