More than likely, you have hear of performances of “Sound Of Silence” before. David Draiman’s cover along with the band ‘Disturbed’ have made a few songs known for their powerhouse vocals.

The song is intense and the song speaks for itself. However, one singer brings a whole new side to the song we have never heard before.

Todd Hoffman, a star from ‘Gold Rush’, performed the song that took many people by surprise. The Discovery Channel star is known for gold mining, being a businessman and a family man. He also has an epic beard.

What fans didn’t know was he also has an amazing singing voice. He let his voice shine when he and a friend recorded him singing the song.

Hoffman claimed it was not an easy song to perform. It was a tough song for him. The performance was a huge feat for him. He performs the song with a rough and powerful voice and yet still hits the high notes like a professional.

We are blown away by his voice and hope to see more to come from him in the near future!


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