Elizabeth and Scott met on Tinder two years ago and immediately fell for each other. Then Elizabeth discovered that Scott was deaf. When he was only a 5-year-old kid, Scott began losing his hearing and was completely deaf by the age of 8.

But Elizabeth found soulmate and she refused to give up on him because of his deafness. Not only this, she went ahead and took lessons to learn sign language as a genuine gesture of affection to him

After they realized that they can’t be separated and their feelings grew stronger day after day. Scott proposed and Elizabeth said yes!

The two set 27 January 2018 as their wedding date and while they were busy preparing for the big day, Elizabeth was secretly planning behind her future husband only 3 weeks before their wedding. The groom-to-be has no idea what was about to happen.

The special day has come. The church is filled with groom and bride’s family, friends and loved ones. Everyone was happy for these two lovely birds. It was time for Elizabeth to make her entrance, she looked beautiful with her elaborate gown.

The nervous groom was surprised to see his bride’s radiant beauty. And at that moment, the surprise was finally revealed.

Turned out, Elizabeth was teaching herself the lyrics and sign language to the song, ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri.

As Elizabeth stood at the top of the aisle ready to walk towards her husband-to-be, the beautiful song began to play. As she signed the entirety of the heartfelt lyrics, Scott was moved to tears watching the grand gesture that his wife-to-be had worked so hard to perfect for him.

On that day, there wasn’t a dry eye in that room. All the guests were deeply touched by Elizabeth’s grand entrance.

Elizabeth said Scott has watched the video over and over again at least 100 times. Even Scott is deaf, she said she has never felt more heard in her life.

“For every joy he has brought into my life over the last two years, I wanted to surprise him with my entrance. I won’t lie, I was terrified before walking into the ceremony. But the moment I locked eyes with him I never looked away and it was a special moment just between the two of us. He held it together for a few seconds before crying the whole way through the song.”

What a beautiful gesture of love Elizabeth made for her betrothed. Watch her signing of this touching song in the video below.

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