Have you ever looked at your tonsils and seen little white nuggets? Have you ever felt like something was trapped in your throat? Tonsil stones are those little white lumps you see. Many people have this problem, and many don’t even know they do.

What Causes Stones in the Tonsils?

Bacteria, dead skin cells, mucus and leftover food, have started to build up in the tonsil crypts, where the stones form. Most of the time, they are white or yellow and soft and squishy. They make your breath smell bad, irritate your throat, and make it hard to swallow. Sometimes, they can even make it hard to breathe.

Who Gets Tonsil Stones Often?

People with chronic tonsil inflammation, tonsils that are too big, or don’t care for their mouths well, are more likely to get tonsil stones. Tonsillectomy, or surgical removal of the tonsils, is the usual way to treat this health problem. But even with these methods, there is no guarantee they won’t return. Also, when you get your tonsils out, you eliminate a part of your immune system that keeps bacteria and viruses from getting into your body.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Surgery is not the only way of getting rid of them; they can also be taken out with less invasive procedures that can be done at home. The following are a few examples:


Use a Q-tip that is capable of reaching your throat’s back. With this, it will be easy to get rid of tonsil stones. Using the Q-tip, gently push the part of the tonsil that you can see until it comes loose. Do this in front of a mirror. If you press hard enough, the stones will come from the tonsil pockets.

Dental irrigation syringes

Get the stones out by pointing the curved end of the syringe straight at the pockets where the stones are. The difference between these syringes and Q-tips is that the syringes can assist you in getting rid of stones which are deep into the tonsils and can’t be seen. Note: Keep your head down, so the stones fall out. The mixture in the syringe is made up of warm water and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. We use hydrogen peroxide because it makes it a place where bacteria can’t grow, which makes it easier to get the stones out.

Oral irrigator

Here, a motorized water flosser with a special nozzle and a water reservoir is used. In this way to floss, water is used instead of a string. If you want to get rid of tonsil stones, you can just point the nozzle at the cracks in your tonsils and then blast them out. Don’t be too rough, or you might hurt your tonsils. Ensure you set the irrigator to the lowest setting.

Oral probiotics

Oral probiotics are made of good bacteria that can kill the harmful bacteria which exist in your mouth. S. salicarius K12 is the best probiotic for getting rid of tonsil stones. Open the probiotic capsule and put it in your mouth. Mix the capsule’s contents with 4 oz. of warm water while stirring until the capsule’s contents dissolve.

Wash your mouth with this solution, swishing it towards the region where you have tonsil stones. Before spitting out the answer, tilt your head back slightly to do this. There are tonsil stones that may be removed with chewing gum and toothpaste; thus this is an option if you choose to do so.

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