Today we will tell the story of a man who manages to treat his diabetes 2 type completely naturally, after consuming raw vegetables and fruits and enhanced his general health.

Namely, he discovered hi diabetes completely accidentally, as he started feeling thirsty all the time. He visited his doctor and the diagnosis was shocking- as his sugar levels were 29!

His doctor informed him that he needed to be dependent on insulin for the rest of his life, as his pancreas was dying off. This man started the recommended therapy, took insulin daily, as well as other medications.

Yet, over time, his condition aggravated, the multiple drugs brought new health issues, increased the triglycerides to 16 and his blood pressure to 150/100, and the diabetes was just getting worse.

Therefore, he decided to change the approach and start something new. On New Year’s, he made a resolution to try and restore his life and healthy, but completely naturally.

This decision came after watching the show, The Edge of Science, on TV, where Dr. John Zirdum explained the benefits of raw foods and his personal experience after consuming them for 12 years.

The man bought himself a blender and started consuming only raw fruits and vegetables. Initially, the craved for food, but he managed to suppress it, and after only several days, his blood sugar levels fell to 5!


This made him quit the insulin therapy and rely on the healthy diet only. His blood sugar became stable, he lost weight, and his condition was improving.

After a month, he lost 20 lbs and had no health problems. In the next three months, he lost 2lbs more, never used insulin, his triglycerides dropped to 1.4., and the blood pressure was 120/70. He used no pills and started enjoying his restored health.

He shared the recipe for his favorite juice:


2 kiwis
2 apples
5 bananas
A handful of kale

Mix all the ingredients, and add ½ l. water over them to prepare the natural juice.


You should consume half a liter of this juice in the morning, and sip the rest during the day.

This regime provides amazing health benefits to all that have tried it; it reduced cravings, provides a feeling of fullness, and maintains a good health. Be sure to consume only raw, fresh, vegetables and fruits, as well as tuna, as it is abundant in B12 essentials.

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