Just like any other machine, our bodies need maintenance. Whenever everything is not right, your body will sound a warning. In an operational machine, when you fail to attend to a component or a part that is in a mess, soon or later the entire machine will not be operational.

You need regular maintenance when your body starts experiencing the symptoms and issues we are covering below. Though they may seem like small problems, never ignore them since soon they can worsen and lead to big issues.

  1. Leg cramps, irritability, and Insomnia

It is depressing and annoying when you find yourself turning and tossing at night. It is unhealthy not to have enough sleep, so adjusting your potassium and magnesium levels is necessary when you face such.

  1. You Develop Dry Skin

It is never normal to consistently develop a dry skin. It is a sign that you do not have sufficient Vitamin E.  You should eat more nuts, fish and vegetables.

  1. Sweet Tooth

There is nothing bad with having a sweet tooth. But, when you find yourself waking up each night for some cookie, then something is wrong. You might be suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress.

  1. Ice Cravings

Consistent ice cravings may indicate that your body is lacking iron.

  1. Bleeding gums

Brushing regularly is not a cure for bleeding gums. When you have that, know that it is a symptom of vitamin C deficiency.

  1. Fragile Hair and Nails

Fragile hair and nails is a sign of vitamin B deficiency. Eat mushrooms, nori seaweeds, and drink more milk.

  1. Ring develops around your iris

It is never a good sign when rings develop around your irises. You should consult your doctor immediately since it may indicate your body has high cholesterol levels.

  1. Greek Foot

Morton’s toe or Greek foot may be caused by calluses. Another cause is when your second toe’s ball experiences some discomfort from the base. If that happens, you will experience some discomfort when you put on shoes.

  1. Diarrhea or Constipation

When the two signs appear, you might be having gut complications. When either of the two occurs on a regular basis, it may indicate that your gut has unbalanced bacteria.


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