A condition known as a calcaneal spur affects the heel directly where the tendon is located. This condition causes significant discomfort in this area of the heel, which makes it difficult for us to carry out our regular tasks.


You no longer need to endure discomfort, though, since we have highly effective natural cures for this issue. The best part is that they are inexpensive, easily available, and do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to our health.

Putting them to use

Coconut oil

It is excellent for smoothing the skin and easing heel discomfort. Prior to administering to a sore location, it is advised to gradually warm up. This allows it to permeate the skin and alleviate pain.


Apple cider vinegar

Its unique ability to draw in too much calcium decreases inflammation and discomfort. Just wet the cotton piece and fasten it to the heels to take this treatment. Pain will vanish quickly if you allow it act overnight. Within a week, this process should be performed each night.

Ice pack

It is a time-tested approach that has been employed for many years. Any type of injury should be treated with ice since it lessens pain and inflammation. Simply place ice upon the bags for around 15 minutes and massage at the heel to apply. Wrap your feet using a towel or something else before applying the product; do not put it on the skin directly.

Sodium bicarbonate

For treating heel spurs, baking soda works well. By doing this, the excessive calcium accumulation that eventually results in discomfort is removed. Simply create a bicarbonate and water paste to start using the treatment. Use a gauze pad to apply it onto the heel. Practice this procedure two times a week.

You may forget about heel discomfort with these easy techniques. We guarantee that if you put them into practice, your aches will go away right away. You are thus no longer entitled to seek justifications for your misery. Share this knowledge on social media with all of your friends instead of keeping it to yourself.

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