It is quite hard to differentiate between a heart attack and a panic attack. It is because most of their signs are similar – whether it is feet and hands numbness, sweating, dizziness, chest pains, and shortness of breath.

Knowing the differences between the two is so crucial since it helps us learn when to seek professional help. It is so important for those who have never suffered either of the two. If you have never known, in some cases a heart attack can result from the stress caused by a panic attack.

If the resulting symptoms are not given the attention they deserve, matters can escalate within a short time. Get a prompt medical checkup if you are not sure with that is disturbing you.

Do you have a Panic Attack or a Heart Attack? Learn to differentiate the two:

Heart Attack



Its primary symptom is constricting pain. The pain caused by a heart attack normally takes place at the center of the chest. In some cases it can migrates downwards along the left arm and back, or move to the jaw, teeth, or the neck area. Patients may develop a prickly feeling which is usually restricted to the person’s left arm. It may be accompanied by throwing up, nausea, stick sweat, and a cold. Though a heart attack may not interfere with one’s breathing, it may make the person to breath rapidly because of the fear of developing a panic attack. You should call an ambulance if the signs last for over 5 minutes.


Panic Attack


Its major symptom is developing some prickly feeling. Most people make a mistake of thinking that panic attacks are caused by horrific or tragic events – That’s not correct! It can be caused by ordinary or simple situations. As opposed to anxiety attacks, we usually link panic attacks with physical symptoms. Though they are usually concentrated in the chest, their pain can rise and then decrease, with their peak being achieved after around 10 minutes. Some prickly or numbness feeling can be in the course of a panic attack. It differs from a heart attack since the feeling is not restricted to the patient’s left arm, it can affect the fingers, one or both legs, and both or one arm. Most people with panic attacks can experience psychological components like suffocation, irrational fears, and in some cases a feeling of going insane.

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