Although, it looks nasty and dirty, in the world it is the most popular and effective way of whitening teeth. To everybody are fed up of the ads that recommend expensive pastes that ensure pearly white teeth in just 2 days.

But in reality everything is a publicity stunt that rarely leads to the desired effect.

However, this is very effective and the best means,which is natural. Maybe you have not heard, but for white teeth you need activated carbon. With a little chaotic and washing and holding in the mouth will get what you want, pearly white teeth.


One of the most powerful natural medicines, which helps in a number of diseases of dysentery to radiation is carbon. The Egyptian physician and founder of scientific medicine Hippocrates recommended coal to treat poisonings, and American Indians used for skin infections.

How to whiten your teeth with activated carbon?

In a bowl, prepare crushed activated carbon and with a wet brush place it on your teeth. No need to press and brush your teeth strong, but only normal brush with circular movements.

It is enough to wash 3-4 minutes with activated charcoal, then rinse with water and after that you can brush your teeth with ordinary toothpaste. The result should be visible after the first washing and after a week you will have pearly whites teeth .

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