Carrot is one of the most used vegetables in the world. It has many health benefits which are proven. It has high levels of sugar, but also is good for the blood sugar regulation. You should eat at least 2-3 medium sized carrots per day. It won’t make give any side effects. Carrots can vary in their size. When someone speaks about carrots we usually think about the orange carrots. But is good fact for everyone to be known that carrots can be also in red, purple, white and yellow color.

Here are some benefits for health of Carrot:

Blood pressure:
Carrots are incredible source of potassium which is known as vasodilator. This property can make to relax the tension in your blood pressure. Also it can reduce the stress of the cardiovascular system. If you had heart attack, strokes or atherosclerosis, then you are having increased chances to have high blood pressure. You should eat carrots because it can reduce the high blood pressure. Coumarin which is component of the carrot is keeping your heart safe and healthy. Also this element can reduce the hypertension.

Carrots are rich with carotenoids which are helping to regulate the blood sugar levels. They are lowering the blood sugar levels and also are inversely affecting on the insulin resistance which is helping to people who are suffering from diabetes to have normal life. Also carrots are regulating the amount of glucose and insulin which is metabolized by the body which provides healthy life for diabetes patients.

Improves vision:
When you are consuming carrots, you are putting beta-carotene in your body. When beta-carotene is consumed in your body, then in the liver beta-carotene is converted in Vitamin A. This vitamin is transformed in the retina to rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is a purple pigment which is necessary for night vision. Beta-carotene also prevent from cataracts and macular degeneration. Many studies have shown that people which are consuming high amounts of carrots are having lower chances to get macular degeneration compared to people which are consuming small amounts of carrots.

Reduce risk of cancer:
Carrot contains alpha-carotene and bioflavonoids which are lowering the risk of cancer (in the most cases these elements are lowering the risk of getting lung cancer). Also carrots are preventing from colon, breast and lung cancer. This is possible because carrots are containing anti-cancer properties.

If you are having acne, then you should eat lot of carrots. Acne in the most cases is caused by the toxins which are located in the liver. Carrots are having great cleansing properties. These properties are detoxifying the liver. This will help you to clean your skin of acnes.

Oral health:
Carrots are containing organic compounds which are good for the mineral antioxidants. Also are stimulating the gums and inducing excess saliva. Saliva is an alkaline substance which is fighting against the oral health diseases.

Promotes healthier skin:
Carrots contain Vitamin A and antioxidants which are protecting skin from damage and sun. If you are having Vitamin A deficiency in your body, then this will make your skin dry. Also this deficiency will make hair and nails dry and unhealthy. Vitamin A can prevent acne, dry skin, premature wrinkling, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and blemishes.

If you are eating carrots daily, then you are reducing the risk of getting stroke by 68%. Carrots are affecting positive on the brain.

Slows down aging:
If you are having high levels of beta-carotene in your organism, then this element will act like antioxidant to prevent the cell damage caused by the aging. It is helping to slow down the aging of cells.

A powerful antiseptic:
Carrots are preventing from infections in the body. In the most cases they are used for cuts (boiled, mashed or shredded raw).

Carrot’s molecules are closest to the human’s molecules compared to any vegetable. This is making the carrots beneficial in the blood building.

Anti-oxidant properties which are contained in the carrots are protecting the organism from the free radicals and infections.

Carrots are rich with pectin. This element is lowering the high cholesterol and it makes balance.

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